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October 21, 2020: Abigail Geiger explains what a writer apprentice is …and how her position led to “For a Song”

Abigail Geiger
Abigail Geiger

Abigail Geiger was a writer for years before she joined the Adventures in Odyssey team. But she had no idea what it took to write an Odyssey script. Now she’s written four – including an episode in album 69 titled “For a Song.” 

Imagination Station 26 Swept into the SeaThe Imagination Station: Swept into the Sea

Dive into Danger!

Patrick and Beth travel back in time in the Imagination Station to a grain ship in the Mediterranean Sea during the first century. A violent storm has been raging for fourteen days, and the ship is in danger of crashing into the African coastline or breaking up due to the crashing waves.

On the ship, the cousins meet Paul, a prisoner on his way to Rome for trial, and his traveling companions. Paul tells everyone that God has told him that everyone on the ship will be saved . . . if they stick together. But the passengers are forced to abandon the ship and swim for shore when the ship runs aground. Will God’s promise come true?

Authors: Chris Brack & Sheila Seifert

Get the book now!

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  1. Not even third, I’m guessing. Even though as I’m posting this it looks like number three. Whoops.

    1. You haven’t heard it yet? It’s pretty good! Although, California Dreams is better in my mind…. (if you have the aio club you can listen to it there) AIO has the free trial on. You should try it! It’s SWEET! (We started with the free trial and then started to pay:)

      1. We used to have the club but not anymore, I personally enjoy waiting for a new episode on the radio.

  2. Hey y’all! Someone asked me on previous podcast if I lived on a farm. They didn’t put in a username, so I don’t know who asked. I have some chickens, but we don’t live on a big farm, I just love the country life!!

    1. country girl do you like album 69 so far? I lik it it’s good so far I can’t wate to here fore a son this weekend melissa

      1. Melissa, yes i love album 69! I am looking forward to listening “For a song” this Saturday!

        I think I have heard before. Does anyone know if Buck is in it?

        1. SPOILER ALERT!
          Hey Country Girl! Yep, Buck is in For a Song! In fact, he’s one of the main characters! Valerie and Jules are the main, main characters! It’s pretty good! 😄
          Wanna be friends? My name is Natasha, and I live on a farm, and I’m a Christian. Jules, Penny, Buck, and Jay are my fav AIO’s. But they change lots!

          1. Smile, sure I wanna be friends! My names Sophia, I live in the country and I’m a Christian:) I love buck, jules, and some others:)

          2. Your name is Natasha? I have never heard of a real person with that name! It is such a beautiful name.

          3. @Country Girl, do you live in Canada? I’m guessing that you live in the US:) I’m glad you want to be friends!

          4. @Lydia, Thanks! My name is Natasha and I know 3 other people with the same name as me!
            @NF, hmm! That’s really strange that it’s Russian! I never knew that! I don’t know anyone Russian!
            @Avelia, is Avelia your name? If it is, I think that’s a really pretty name!

        1. On a farm, and sorta in the country… I live in a small town. Although, I’d say we live close to our neighbours. But we all kinda keep to ourselves…

    2. Chickies! I’m not the person who asked if you live on a farm, but how many do you have? Have you named them?

      1. LiaCupcake, We only have 8 right now (one rooster 7 hens). They will lay eggs then we will let all the eggs hatch and have more chickens! The ones that hatch from eggs we are going to butcher when they get to butchering size. So we don’t name them(except for names like dinner, roast, fried, exc):)
        Sorry if that’s confusing to understand!

        1. Poor chickies! But then again my 5th-grade teacher (I miss him) had cows and he named them “Beef” and “Steak,” you know, names like that, etc. so I guess it’s the same. I love birds though, pretty cool that you get to have chickens

  3. Abigail Geiger,
    I just want to say that I LOVED For a Song, and it like my sisters’ favorite episode!!! Great job!!!😁

    1. Lucky! We’ve had the club for a while! We bought it for 6 months! How do you like it?!? Do you have the app? Or google or safari? If you have the app, you can download 24 episodes! The app is AMAZING! I totally suggest that!

  4. I don’t think that podcasts are really my thing, but I like to chat with other people who listen to adventures in odyssey. Do you think it is still alright for me to comment even though I don’t listen to the podcast?

    1. I don’t love listening to podcasts but I still chat. I think it’s okay. I mean, you can decide.

    2. I usually don’t listen to the podcast either, but I do sometimes. They aren’t really my thing either. 🙂

        1. I like it because I like secret agenty (yes, I know that’s not a word) stuff. I write secret agent books.

  5. I’m praying! I’m a bit curious as to what happened, but I don’t want to pry….if you would like to share, please do! If not, that’s okay too!

  6. i love adventures in odyssey. i also live on a farm in Alaska I really don’t have much time to comment I need to go milk my goats 😐😐

  7. @a chicken,
    Princess? How did you get access to a computer/tablet/phone?🐔
    (I have a chicken named Princess, LOL!🤣)

    1. We have chickens too. One time I was home by myself and their run door had been accidentally left open and they were out in the yard. I heard them squawking and there was a coyote chasing them. So, like the brave (foolish) girl I am I chased it to the woods. Only God knows what would have happened if it was feeling aggressive.

      1. @Lydia,
        WOW! I sometimes yell at hawks and look like I’m insane in front of them to get them to go away from my little hens, but wowww that’s crazy!

        1. Oh yeah! We live close to other houses so when I yell at the hawks i can’t help but hink what our neighbors think of me!!

  8. I really want to be like Abigail Geiger, baby-sitting and writing for Adventures in Odyssey! I might want to through in a side job as a talent scout, though I wouldn’t be like Coyote or Kai.

    1. Hey Kate! “First” means, like, the first comment. Sort of a competition. Hope this helps!

    2. ‘First’ means that they hope that their comment was the first comment since when the podcast was posted. It’s like a bit of a mini-game.

    3. The reason that you are seeing people all throughout the comments say it is because AIO reviews the comment so it can look like your are first when there really are other comment they just are being reviewed.

    1. yup, i like spiderman, black panther, and captian marvel. (honestly tho I like them all) how bout any one else?

    2. Captain America, Falcon, and Bucky are my favorite superheroes. Black Widow too but for the most part I’m not really a fan of most of the female superheroes. I haven’t watched a lot of Marvel movies, but the ones I have watched I love.

        1. Same, actually lol I didn’t watch Hulk because my brothers told me it wasn’t very good  🙂

        2. I have watched: Ironman 1, Captain America The First Avenger, Captain America The Winter Soldier, Captain America Civil War (was really concerned that Tony was gonna win with that one), The Avengers, and the early two thousands first and second Spiderman.

      1. I also am not a huge fan of most of the female super heroes, but Black Widow and Captain America are my faves 🙂

    1. I do not live in Virginia, but I did used to live in West Virginia so I guess in a way that could half way count.

  9. I am praying @Anonymous. I hope your brother is okay now. Also, can I have a bit more details?

  10. We’re listening to the Green Ring Conspiracy right now for the, like, fifteenth time! #luvIT #GreenRingConspiracy

  11. If you have listened to the Green Ring, or just love it, please, please, comment on my comment! Thank you!


    2. Oh my goodness! Just finished listening to the Green Ring Conspiracy a few days ago! Love it!

    3. Oh yeah!! Best series (Ties that Bind, Novacom, etc.) out there, with the possible exception of Darian’s Rise, assuming that counts. 🙂

  12. I have a million chickens and two horses and two sheep three dogs three cats and that’s it oh and goats, and I live in Alaska

  13. Thank you Smile! I totally love The Green Ring! Did you know that most people who have reviewed the albums say Green Ring is their favourite album!
    – NG2

    1. Hi Norah! I wouldn’t have guessed your name except for the “NG2” part! I had no idea that lots of people loved The Green Ring! Keep chatting! Hope to see ya soon!

  14. To give details, My brother was at a wrestling practice, and a junior coach was using him for a move, and flipped
    him quickly. He didn’t have time to tuck his head, and fell straight on his forhead, and his neck cracked sideways.
    He fainted, then was groggy, and couldn’t answer questions. The wrestling teacher said he needs to go to the hospital.

  15. He was in the ambulance, when my mom arrived. He was unconsious, which made my mom nervous. He was rushed
    to the hospital, and at midnight, came back. He is recovering well, and will be back to school on monday. thanks for all
    your prayers. God is good.

  16. I am so sorry! I know what its like. I have had bad concussion for over two years. I really hope your brother will recover soon!

  17. I heard for a song I liked it 😉 this is actually the first time I have heard a episode with buck and Jules ( I hope they will date sometime they make a cute couple😊) I am still laughing and saying ugh to Valerie when she kept calling buck, buck buck and bucky boy! Ew 😥😑 but it was funny😂

  18. Aubrey Shepard Parents:”Less money for you”
    My parents:”No money even though u 11 ,No email for !And also a lot of chores for you!”

  19. Does anyone else here write books? I have written three in a secret agent series and am working on a third. The books’ names are The Beginning, Escalating Intensity, and The Rise of the B.A.B.

    1. Yeah, I try to! I’ve completed two drafts of one book, started IDK how many others, and begun the second book of a series. 🙂
      Secret agents, huh? Care to explain more?

      1. They are a group of early teenagers who started out stopping a group of robbers in their home-city. then in the second book, one of the girls of the groups gets kidnapped by a murderer/communist/billionaire when he accidently reveals information about his plan to kill the president. So he kidnaps one of the agents to deter the B.A.B. from doing anything to stop him. In the third book the B.A.B. travels to Canada to try and get back a stolen 7 million dollar bracelet (which actually is a real-life bracelet called the Seven Diamond Panther Bracelet). There they run into Paul Bookman, a criminal who they had dealt with in the previous book, and a ruthless girl names Xena Despiadada and their reluctant sidekick (partner:) named Drew.

        1. Ooh, cool! I would read those. 🙂
          Mine are pretty boring, honestly. It’s about a group of three guys, three girls, and three… somethings that are called upon to take down the two highest powers in the land. It’s a lot more complicated than that, but that’s the gist of it. 😉

    2. I write stories ( sometimes😂 I usually start it then forget about it) I have a finished one that’s called the unexpected guest that I wrote when I was 12 I think but anywho it’s not that good😔 but right now I’m working on a book/story called the Ocean Dwellers! Which is going pretty good😃 have you put any of your books online to read?

    3. @Lydia
      I’m writing a book currently, but I keep changing it so it’s taking me a while to write. What are your books about?

      1. My books are about a group of early teenagers who start small by stopping robber in the home-city. in the next book the try to save the president’s life. Third book: they try to get back a VERY expensive bracelet while a criminal they had met in the 2nd book try to do away with them. Fourth book involves a terrorist org. and a bomb or two 🙂

          1. Aw, thanks! All my friends moved away to different states and I only have bros. so I spend a lot of time just sitting around imagining stories. then I write down my ideas. then I act out all the characters in the most important parts of the books so I can better write down the hand motions and expressions they would use. and then I type out my book, edit it twice and send it to my cousin Asher–who I write the books for–and then to anyone else who wants to read it.

          2. here is a small part of my second book: LE froze as she recognized Finch’s voice as he yelled, “SHE ESCAPED!! WE SENT THEM BACK FOR NOTHING!!”
            “How did she escape?” wondered Wrench.
            “She has super powers,” chuckled Clem.
            By now LE was running. They say that fear can drive away exhaustion. It didn’t work for LE. She stopped, out of breath, ready to collapse with exhaustion.
            The car turned around.
            “I told you we should bring her with us!” yelled Wrench.
            “I couldn’t chance it.” Finch gritted his teeth and drove the car straight at LE!
            LE scowled, and pulled the Colt 1911 out of the holster. She cocked the gun and took time to aim.
            “Stop! Stop the car! She has a gun!” shrieked Wrench.
            Finch hesitated.
            LE fired. The left front tire exploded. Still the car limped forward. LE reluctantly fired again. The other tire burst open and the car stopped. Finch, Wrench and Clem jumped out.
            Finch screamed at LE. “You worthless little twerp! Shoot me, I dare you!”

          3. Part 2: LE cocked the gun. Her hand shook, and sweat rolled down her face. Then the gun dropped. LE had put the gun back in the holster. She couldn’t do it.
            Finch smirked and walked towards LE.
            Then, a menacing growl was heard.
            LE looked down. She had forgotten about the dog.
            He had planted himself in front of LE.
            Finch waved his hand. “He wouldn’t attack his own master.”
            The dog rushed at Finch and knocked him over.
            “He would!” observed Clem stupidly.
            Then a gunshot was heard. LE glanced at the car.
            Wrench was shooting at her.
            “Come!” LE commanded and took off running backwards. She drew her gun and fired a shot above Wrench’s head. He ducked and LE ran into the forest, the dog running close behind her.
            LE ran for another fifteen minutes. She knew she wasn’t being followed, but terror made her feet unable to keep still. Her lungs hurt from inhaling the cold night air.
            Her feet ached.
            Her legs felt like rubber.
            Then black dots swam before her eyes and LE fainted from sheer exhaustion.

    4. @Lydia
      I LOOOOOOOVE writing books! My favorite genre to write is medieval fantasy, and I’m writing around 4 books. Are you going to publish/ have you published yours?

      1. Maybe but it is expensive. comment on this if you think that AIO should have a page where people can put their stories/books

        1. That sounds SOOO AMAZING! I would TOTALLY read those books! Also, I agree, AIO should have a page where writers could post there stories. Although, it’s a lot for the moderators to read through…

          1. it is a lot, but it would be worth waiting. I soooo wish they would have a page like that

          2. There was one on the Club, but the mods said that they would have to ban it ’cause it’s a LOT for the moderators to do. 🙂 Still…

          1. here is a part of the third book:Jenna heard someone opening the door to the room where she was tied.
            She lifted her head slightly, but let it drop to her shoulder again. If Paul or Xena was the ones entering, she thought it would be best if they thought she was asleep.
            Footsteps came towards her.
            Someone jerked her to wake her up.
            Jenna moaned in pain.
            Instantly the person let go.
            Jenna again raised her head and found herself looking into the blue eyes of Drew Davis. Jenna used her feet to push the chair back. ‘Get away from me!’
            Drew sighed. ‘It’s okay; I’m not going to hurt you.’
            Jenna’s face darkened. ‘Oh, how sweet! You’re not going to hurt me. I just feel so safe and secure now. I suppose drugging me doesn’t classify as hurting me?’
            Drew sighed again, a long deep sigh that somehow had a softening effect on Jenna. ‘I didn’t have a choice.’
            Jenna spoke quietly, the anger going out of her voice. ‘You always have a choice.’
            Drew flared up. ‘Yes, you’re right! But I’d rather drug you and bring you here than die! At least, that’s what I thought yesterday.’
            ‘Yesterday? I spent a whole night here? It didn’t seem that I slept that long.’
            Drew nodded. He flipped open a knife.
            Jenna started. ‘Stay away from me!’
            ‘I am not going to hurt you!! I already told you this.’ Drew began sawing through the ropes that bound Jenna. ‘This is going to take me awhile. This knife is rather dull.’
            Jenna shook her head. ‘I don’t understand. Why are you letting me go?’
            ‘I have had enough of Paul’s violence and cruelty. Look at yourself. You have cuts all over you. And you are a girl! I can’t stand it any longer.’

          2. part 2:Jenna turned to look at him, an amused look on her face. ‘Are you letting me go because of that, or because I am the prettiest girl you have ever seen in your life?’
            ‘Well aren’t you just Little Miss Vanity?’
            ‘I am not vain; I know the truth and I tell the truth. The only people that I am acquainted with that are vain are Rose and Ann. And Christian. Him too.’
            Drew shrugged. ‘Whatever.’
            Jenna winced inwardly as Drew brushed against the cuts on her arm. ‘You say your last name is Davis?’
            ‘Yes, why?’
            ‘Any relation to Will Davis?’
            Drew stood up straight to stretch his back. ‘Why? Who’s he? Your boyfriend?’
            Jenna giggled. ‘Don’t be jealous,’ she said dryly. ‘He is fifty years old, a good friend to me and my other friends.’
            ‘Oh. I don’t know any Will Davis. All my family is dead except for my cousin and her little daughter, but I don’t know anything about them.’
            ‘Oh. I guess Davis is kind of a common name. Now, you take the name Tap. That is a different story; almost no one has the last name Tap. Once I met a girl—before I moved to Hartford—and her last name was the same as mine. We became best friends purely because of the fact that we had the same last na…’
            ‘WHAT’S GOING ON IN HERE!!?’ yelled Xena as she and Paul walked by the open door.
            Drew dropped the knife, and Jenna glanced down at the ropes. Paul had tied her left arm to the back of the chair. The rope he used was just one continuous length wrapped around the left side of the chair and her arm several times, the ends tied. The right side was the same. Drew had cut only the bottoms of each length of rope and they were wrapped so tightly that they weren’t going to come undone by themselves. Jenna’s arms and face were burning with pain but she didn’t care.
            She was getting out of here.
            Paul ran to pick up the knife that Drew had dropped.
            Jenna stood up suddenly, whirled ninety degrees and braced herself, her skirts still spinning.
            The chair crashed into Paul and he fell backwards.
            Xena ran forwards.
            Jenna jumped to the side as best she could.
            Xena’s momentum carried her forwards and she almost lost her balance.
            Paul struggled to his feet.
            Five full minutes of fighting went by.
            Drew had cowardly left the room and Jenna was exhausted. But the more she moved, the more the rope unwound itself.
            Then, without warning, the chair fell to the ground. Jenna punched Paul in the jaw. Once again he fell and Jenna grabbed her derringer.
            Xena stood still but snorted, ‘Oh come on. You are not going to shoot me.’
            ‘No you are right. I am not,’ said Jenna calmly. Then she flung the derringer at Xena’s face.
            Xena stumbled backwards. Jenna ran from the room.

    5. I’m writing a book on a girl that is in Paris and running away from secret agents while trying to find her brother and parents.

  20. Lydia- i’m a bookworm, and i like to write,(just for fun) and my favorite genre is probably mystery/fantasy.
    i have read Lord of the Rings! who here has read the whole thing? plz reply!

    1. @Elisha
      I have read all three books-they’re soooo good!!!!! I know a lot of people who think they’re boring but I think they’re really amazing! Have you seen the LOTR movies? I also really like fantasy/fiction/mystery books!

    2. I have! Well, I’ve read it once. I want to read it again, but right now I’m plodding through the Silmarillion, then I’ll probably do the Hobbit yet again. 😉

  21. ‘For a Song’ is my new favorite episode! I’m so excited to hear more episodes written by Abigail Geiger in the future!

  22. Hey guys, I’m sorry but my parents have banned me from chatting on this site. I’m so sorry. Bye.

        1. I think it’s really neat but I think I have been listening to it for to long‼️(I don’t have club member ship)

    1. I just want people to know that this Lydia who said,”Hey guys, I’m sorry but my parents have banned me from chatting on this site. I’m so sorry. Bye,” isn’t the same one that was just talking about writing books. That one was me.

        1. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  23. @Lilly I think the Novacom saga is AWESOME so far!!
    i also think The Green Ring Conspiracy is great too!!

  24. Hello everyone! This is the Lydia who was talking about writing secret agent books. Because someone else is commenting under the name of “Lydia” I have decided to comment under the name “Lydia Elisabeth”. I hope that this isn’t confusing. Thank you.

  25. I just listened to California dreams. I like the story line but me and my family are very careful about what music we listen to. I just wish that AIO would be a little more considerate of people with different opinions on music than them.

    Please note that I am not forcing my opinions on anyone.

    1. I heard California dreams part 1 as well and I just can’t get over how rude Jules was to buck! 😤 He is not a country hick! He doesn’t even sound that country. I just ugh she didn’t even tell him or anyone goodbye! Come on! She didn’t even answer buck’s calls! I’m just really upset with Jules right now! 😡😒

      1. EXCACTLY!!! She was so mean for almost no reason. When I was ten I had a crush on Buck!😊

        1. Lol it seems like we have the same opinions on some of the episodes😁ps. I kinda have a crush on buck, I just think it’s sweet that he buys Jules milkshakes and loves her music and he encouraged her to make songs! And now in California dreams 2 he got on a airplane to fly to where Jules was at so they could sing her song together!😄💞

  26. I like hearing from you Lydia Elisabeth, and I also like reading and writing to!😃 What are some of your guys favourite books? I really like “Jane if Lantern Hill” and “Heidi”!

    1. i like the Hardy Boys series. And the I Survived series and missionary stories.

    2. 😁😊. Thanks! why do you like hearing from me?! I haven’t said anything exciting!

    3. I LOOVE, Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Red Rock Mysteries, Heidi, the Anne of Green Gables series, and a whole lot of others. (Also the dear Canada series) if any of you want book suggestions, ask me! #BOOKWORM!

  27. I’ve only read the first book of Wingfeather saga but its a really good book. Btw do any of you guys do the pen pal thing from Clubhouse Magazine bc I was thinking about doing it but I want to know about it/what its like before I enter

  28. hi guys, i realized ive been spending too much time commenting here, so im going to leave this podcast for a while so bye.

  29. Do you know when we can comment on the new podcast? Because the adventure came out yesterday for me…

      1. I wonder how long my name can be, let me check. okay so this is pretty long how very interesting. Is it done yet? nope its still going well thats weird. i know that you can only comment like three hundred words but i dont know wait it ends here. says:

        read my name

    1. I don’t think we’re allowed to do that, sadly enough. Rule: “We love to hear personal stories from fans. However, this is not the place to submit your own fictional stories or to pretend to be a fictional character. Though we are sure that they are very creative, an Adventures in Odyssey comment board isn’t the best place to share your narratives.”

  30. @ CountryGirl @WWIIninja @Smile I am kinda new here , want to be friends. Anyone else.
    What is going on?

  31. I wonder how long my name can be, let me check. okay so this is pretty long how very interesting. Is it done yet? nope its still going well thats weird. i know that you can only comment like three hundred words but i dont know wait it ends here. says:

    read my name

  32. Smile, (I’m replying to your comment down here, thought it would be more likely ya see it), yes I live in the U.S. In the beautiful mountains of West Virginia!

  33. Btw, Lydia Elizabeth. I love the samples of your book! You are a really good writer! Is that book 4?

  34. Hey I’m replying to Lydia Elisabeth, I was wondering where your story samples are? I’d totally love to read some of them, if that’s alright with you… and I like your comments, well I don’t actually know why, I like hearing about your books 📚!

    1. You like hearing them because they’re really good. I read your samples Lydia and they are a lot better then some of the books that I’ve read😁

      1. Thanks you guys so much! I’m always a little shy about letting other people read my books but you guys are so encouraging!

    1. abbiek: ok this may sound weird but are you amkennedy/abbie from the aio club

  35. abbiek: this might sound weird but are you abbie from the odyssey club!?!?!?!

  36. Wow! I’ve always wanted to write for Adventures In Odyssey. I love to write! I love AIO sooo much I purchased an AIO Club account as UndercoverEm. 💝

  37. sorry guys i keep forgeting what my username is and post under different name!!! LOL
    so basicly if you see any captains or jack sparrows of J.S’ then you know its me
    ill try to be consistent but its hard

    1. JESSICA!!!!!!!! YES IT’S ME!!!! sorry i have been SUPA busy! i can’t believe I found you tho!! I’m so happy!!!😁😁 i have missed you SO much!!!!

  38. hi there ! how do you get the club magazines? I have the club already for like two months and no magazine
    in the mail yet.

  39. Hi Adventures in Odyssey fans! Like so many of you, our comment moderators are spending the holidays with their families instead of in front of their computers. Therefore, comments will not be approved between now and January 4. Please do feel free to comment – but just know that new comments won’t be posted until the new year. Merry Christmas!

    1. are you the real nathan hoobler? if so that is so cool!! i LOVE adventures in odyssey!!! i listen all the time!! thank y’all for all y’all do!!❤️

  40. Just to let yall know, My username was Butterfly 12 but I changed it

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