The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast

Hosted By:
Bob Smithouser & Jesse Florea

Music from decades past returns with composer Aaron Fullan

Aaron Fullan scored the recent “Always Home” and the upcoming story “The Protector.” Aaron shares how music from Odyssey’s early days inspired him and how his career led him from listening to Odyssey as a child back to becoming a part of the team as an adult.

Watch Aaron’s “Family Time” video!

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        1. Are you positive that album 71 is coming in July because I know that they usually put out two albums a year so that means we could get the newest album for download in September and for the club in July. Is that what you meant to say when album 71 comes out to us?

          1. I mean the source I got it from has always been right And I meant by u can listen to it in July .
            (Also they defeated the source and I can’t find it anymore 🙁 )

        2. I used to listen to Odyssey on the radio at work when I had no customers. What a great memory! It appears I’ll be listening again. Great to hear Aaron on the podcast!

        3. I just went on to Adventures in Odyssey album 71 A Slippery Slope Wikipedia and it says that the album will be released in the club on July of this year and for the digital download on September of this year and the CD will come out on October 5 of this year. If you do not believe me then see it for yourself.

  1. That is so me! I’m obsessed with Odyssey and I want to be involved someday! I love Oddyssey

  2. We actually have some Oddyssey cassette tapes that my mom had. My radio actually has a cassette player. Am I the only kid with a cassette player?

    1. No, I have a cassette player and I have over 20 different cassette albums; they were my grandparents.

    2. i have a radio with a cassette player too! i also have some oddyssey tapes and old radio programs from the 40s and 50s like the abbott and costello show! i like old tapes!😄😋

    3. I also have some Adventures in Odyssey cassette tapes, and my radio also has a cassette tape player

    4. No, I have an old radio that has a cassette player that still works. We only have one cassette though.😁

  3. My favorite musical moment in Oddyssey is when Connie becomes a Christian.

  4. First????? Maybe second??

    “ I am the Alpha, and Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and end.”
    ~ Revelation 22:13

  5. Hi Everyone! Here’s my Bible verse! “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” – 2 Chronicles 7:14

    1. That is a good verse! When its says “heal their land” it is talking about Israel not America. So if we repent, He might heal our land, but He is not promising that he will.

  6. Hey! Can you please pray for my family? My grandma and grandpa have Covid, and are getting better, but my mom is really high risk and my aunt is getting married on Saturday, and we really don’t want get it. Sorry if that was confusing lol

    1. Wow! Covid can be really annoying. I will pray for you. Please also pray for somebody in our church. He has Covid and pneumonia and asthma. He is not doing well. But, enough about me. ❤️💗👍

  7. My favorite character is definitely Connie Kendall !!!!! ❤️ Who is your favorite character??

    1. No question in my mind:
      Connie, Bernard, Dr. Blackgaard, Jason, and and and….
      The list is quite long. 🙂

  8. I was just wishing the other day that they would do another podcast about scoring, and here it is!! I’m very excited to give it a listen!

  9. Great job, Aaron! Our kids and grandkids grew up listening to Odyssey! Made many road trips more enjoyable! How fun to know your childhood dreams have come true!

  10. @Rachel
    I am praying for your family! I hope your grandparents get better!
    Hi everyone! Hope you all are doing good, its nice to have some encouragement from the versed and comments on these pages!

  11. Rachel: of course i’ll pray for u! sometimes life feels confusing and it’s as if nothing makes sense, but this verse will help you: ‘All things work together for good to those that love God’ -Romans 8:28

  12. “Wait! wait where are you going?”

    “I found an AVOCADO on the other side of town.”

  13. Our country is messed up right now. Just remember, God is in control and even though some of us may not agree with Joe Biden, pray for him. Also remember to not worry and continue to be a good Christian example. This is what I strive to do!

  14. Is anyone here obsessed with dogs?🐕 I definitely am!! 🐕🐕🐕 Post #dogsareAWESOME if you agree!

  15. Naomi: Congrats on first!!! It’s kind’a funny posting a comment to someone else who has the same name as me lol. But, that’s awesome you got first! God bless!

  16. Hey Guys! What do you want to do when you are older? I want to do cosmetology! (working in a salon doing Make up and hair) please tell in the comments!

      1. Artsygirl: i am learning Arabic, so i will probably be a translator for the government and a violin teacher for kids and a part time writer.

  17. for anyone who is interested the december 30 2020 page is the art page where we talk about art and share tips and tricks

      1. All the kids who write books and stuff comment with each other and that page and share tips and advice and just talk with the other writers.

  18. ___________________Quote__________________________
    Wooton: I will play Connie!
    Connie: NO!!! I will play Connie!
    Wooton: But you always play Connie!

  19. Can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that even though there was extenuating circumstances Tamika did not even think of cheating.

  20. As to what they said at the end of the podcast that the album 70 Finding a Way is now available for download does that mean that it will come to I-tunes on Thursday of this week or is it coming on next week Tuesday before the next Podcast? Can anyone explain this for me please?

  21. I have a hole bunch of tapes, but the radio I had that also had a tape player broke 😞 it was really old.

  22. I always liked the episode SOMETHING OLD, SOMETHING NEW. However, I re-listened to it, and even though Mitch and Connie aren’t right for each other, I wanted to kick Mitch in the shins! I felt so bad for Connie through the whole thing! Not only did Connie get a surprise call OVER THE RADIO, but I’m sure it felt like a punch in the gut.

  23. CONT.
    I also felt so bad for her when Mitch told Connie that Maureen was “the best thing that ever happened to him”. That was what Mitch had told Connie about herself! While I loved the rest of this episode, I didn’t like Mitch and his dialogue. What are your thoughts on this? Am I just crazy?
    In case you haven’t noticed, Connie is my favorite…

  24. CONT.
    character. I always wanted to give her a hug after this episode!
    Even though Connie doesn’t really exist, I still send all of the hugs I want to give Connie to Katie Leigh! You’re wonderful, Katie Leigh!
    <3 your biggest fan, Audrey

  25. Plot hole!
    In ‘Broken-Armed and Dangerous’ Eugene uses the word ‘moist’ in Connie’s presence. In a different episode Jules tells Jillian that moist is one of Connie’s least two favorite words!

    1. Actually Penny told Jillian that moist and mucus were Connie’s least favorite words. Because Jillian asked if she could use the word muca and Penny told her that it wasn’t a word.

  26. Is anybody here into gymnastics? I love it! I am trying to be more flexible, with a girl online named Anna Mcnulty!

  27. “I think her exact words were ‘Fine, Marvin, you can do it just get up off your knees’.”

    1. Eh, not too bad. I’ve been working on writing a bunch of stories lately. Is the agency still up?

  28. Does anybody know when album 70 Finding a Way comes out to I-tunes this month? I have been watching for it there on Tuesday and Friday’s but nothing yet. Or maybe it will come to I-tunes when the CD comes out on Tuesday March 9th? When somebody has an answer for this, will someone explain this to me so that way I can listen to the new Odyssey’s?

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