The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast

Hosted By:
Bob Smithouser & Jesse Florea

August 26, 2020: The cast of Adventures in Odyssey’s first all-remote recording joins us for an all-remote podcast!

In May 2020, Andre Stojka (voice of Whit), Katie Leigh (voice of Connie), Townsend Coleman (voice of Jason) and Greg Jbara (voice of Wilson) recorded a new Adventures in Odyssey episode – from their own homes. Hear how they did it exactly – and how the experience compares to working in the studio.

Katie Leigh (voice of Connie) recording from her home studio

Katie Leigh (voice of Connie) recording from her home studio

Townsend Coleman (voice of Jason) recording from his home studio

Townsend Coleman (voice of Jason) recording from his home studio

Greg Jbara (voice of Wilson) recording from his home studio
Greg Jbara (voice of Wilson) recording from his home studio

125 Responses

    1. I love this podcast but I am not sure if I am allowed to listen to this while reading the Bible lol

    1. Hmmmmm well since I got my expander ( sorta mini braces ) I can not eat taffy, gum, most chew candies etc but my fav is probs smarties or…….. hershies and peanut butter yum :3

    2. totally brooksides, they are like this dried fruit (pomegranate is the best flavr lol) covered in dark chocolate so that it looks like a ball of chocolate. there’s like a ton of them in a little bag. I think you can get them at Walmart, or royal farms…anywhere really

    3. ALL CANDY🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE CANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Wait… I thought this said august 26th! And they normally premier on wednesdays… right?

  2. Hey, great to see & hear you, for real! But … missing the pic of Andre (voice of Whit) … ?

  3. it’s sooooo weird listening to them because you think part of the time, oh that’s Connie, no it’s Katie!!!

  4. I love this show You Rock!!!! And I Love Connie and whit and Jason!!!!! And Eugene and Wooten and Penny and Jay and Matthew And Zoey And all the kids from the show!!!!!

  5. , I agree with Whit, I miss the personal meetings also even with my therapist. LOL. But true. I’m 61 years old and I love Odyssey, it’s better than the trash on TV

  6. Hi! I was so surprised when I scrolled past your name, because Hadassah is my first name! 😂

    1. The new album should come out in December to my knowledge… that’s what I heard on one of the podcasts….

  7. Hi my Lillie my a huge FAN!!!!!!😍😎✌God bless you and keep up the good news by!!!🤩🤗😌🤪😇🥳

    O yeah !!!😋

  8. Hi Rosie my names Rosie too! lol
    I love all candy! I have had the membership before I love odyssey it’s probably the best thing ever

  9. this shows how incredible and flexible the odyssey team is!! bye the way my most favorite actor in the whole world is Katie Leigh! and my dream is to meet her or get a facetime call from her…

  10. So awesome! That must have been SOOOO cool! Talking to Connie, Whit, Wilson, and Jason must have been awesome! 🤗 My dream is to be on Adventures in Odyssey one day!

    my name is Jessica
    i like curse of the black pearl (1)
    but ive only watched the first three so far!!!
    is stranger tides good?

  12. pennybasset: same not because of covid either ive homschooled since half way through kindergarten
    im home schooled for two reasons…
    1.we travel alot
    2. my parents dont like some of the thing taught in schools

  13. mattew parker:
    my name is Jessica
    i like curse of the black pearl (1)
    but ive only watched the first three so far!!!
    is stranger tides good?

  14. Am I the only one who feels like A Very Bassett Wedding is a copy of For Better or Worse?

  15. connie is my favorite character the whole time included Bobby bruce he is super cute.

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