The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast

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Bob Smithouser & Jesse Florea

“Best Kept Secrets” and “Finding a Way” Avery Awards

Avery Awards

Reliving the glory of Avery Awards past, Bob and Jesse present the awards for Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Surprise, Best Sound Design, Best Script, and more… all while diving under the ocean and meeting a underwater scuba set on launching Jesse into the Scub-all of Fame. You have to hear it to believe it!

Today’s podcast was written and sound designed by Kevin McCreary.

272 Responses

    1. They so deserved it too! I mean, how can you listen to their duet at the end of California Dreams, and not just love them! (It’s fine if you don’t, I just think it was an AMAZING performance!)

  1. Hi everyone! How are you all? Thanks for all of the great AIO episodes! Hope that all of you have a great week.

    1. Basically, it is where an actress named Suzu and her brother Mori. Get into mischief and there is a lot of mystery in it! At one point Emily, Matthew, and Mr. Whitaker I believe get trapped in a room with no way out. Definitely one of my favorites!

  2. Aww I really wanted California Dreams to win Best Episode!! But Buck and Jules won sooo much anyways!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

      1. Hey EdAna yes i am having a great week sorry it took so long to reply what about you

  3. Oh my word that was so exciting I can’t believe the rydell revelations one the Avery awards🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

    1. i had hoped california dreams would win
      i can recite im just me actshully
      can any one else

      1. I can! Btw, I LOVE your username!!! My sisters and I and sing that song all the time! We started doing special music at our church recently. We sing a harmonize and my best friend, Aaron, plays guitar

    1. I am still a child, and I have a few favorite books and series. These are not in an order of liking. One, Little women, two, Anna Green Gable‘s, three, wing feather saga, and four, The green ember.

      1. Hi Odyssey fan. I am also still a child. I also like Little Women, Anne of Green Gables, and the Green Ember. I have not heard of the Wing Feather Saga. I am homeschooled and my mom found a live zoom creative writing course based on Anne of Green Gables.(Since she is SO creative)

        1. That’s amazing 🤩 you would probably like The wing feather saga. It is by Andrew Peterson, who is a Christian song artist and author. It is a story about four kids and some creatures called fangs of Dang. It sounds a little bit strange, and it is, but it is really good!

      1. Have you read a little men? It comes after Little women, and I like that book as well, although Joe’s boys, which comes after a little men, it’s not as good, and at least four times short!

    1. Yeah… I looked down to see if anyone had commented, and it ruined it because I knew that Rydell revelations won.😢

  4. anyone struggle with assurance? Or Willful sinning? Cuz I’ve been struggling with this a lot!!!! 🙁 but I’ve been encouraged, because I talked to my parents about it, and they said, that if I’m actually worried about It, that’s a signal that my hearts hasn’t been completely hardened. So I’ve been dealing with that! How about you all?

    1. Yeah I’ve kinda been going through the same thing. Along with insecurity, sometimes. It’s hard to deal with assurance. A lot of sad ( and happy ) things have happened this year, so I’ve been dealing with a lot of things.
      I’m glad I got to meet all of you all though.😂😆💜😊😎😝😀😏😛😍😃

  5. @ Rachel💜, please reply! What is your favorite book or book series. Are you not a teen or a child?!

    1. Hi! I am a teen, but my favorite when I was littler was the boxcar children, Anne of green gables, the hobbit/Lotr, and narnia. I just started a new book series called the mysterious Benedict society (there is also a movie series on Disney plus). It is a really good book for younger readers and I highly recommend

      1. I love how y’all are saying you love Anne of Green Gables, I’m in Anne of Green Gables the musical this fall! 🙂
        those books are so good!

        1. That is so amazing! Post👩🏽‍🦰or📚if if you have read the hall, or more than just the first book of an of Green Gables. I love rainbow valley!

        2. That is so cool! My church did an Anne of Green Gables play last year. I got Anne and my best friend got Diana! It was so fun to play best friends, and so cool that we both got those parts! I hope you have fun

          1. That’s amazing! My church does not do plays but that would be really fun if it dead. I go to a homeschool co-op, but it does not do plays. I know someone who goes to Konos, I probably spelled that wrong, but anyways, they do plays which I think is really cool!

      2. I have read some of the boxcar children series as well! Have any of you read anything by George McDonald? I have read at the back of the north wind, which was strange, and the wise woman, which is also strange. I didn’t like his writing though.

        1. I listened to the Focus on the Family radio theater version of At the Back of the North Wind… great audio production, weird story

  6. I went to great Wolf Lodge, for two days with my classical conversations community. It was so fun!🐺🐾 Great wolf lodge is a water park where you can spend the night. One of my favorite slides is a green one which I was too scared to go on in the beginning. The door closes on you, and the floor shoots out from underneath you!

      1. Oh wow! That is great! My dad is from Indiana! I think we are the only people at classical conversations on this post. Are you in foundations and essentials, or challenge? I believe I am allowed to say that I am in the first challenge. It is only my second year at classical conversations!

  7. I will be praying for you Kaylee!
    I hope you prayed too!
    Remember prayer makes a difference !🙏🏻

  8. Oh and Odyssey fan do you want to be friend
    I think I asked you
    But you didn’t reply
    I am a girl

    1. Oh, sure! I would love to! What did you vote for as your favorite overall episode? I voted for Rydell revelations, but I loved most all of the episodes! Are you homeschooled?

  9. I love Something Old Something New!
    Penny and Wooten are so funny 😂!
    And Connie is so dramatic,!

    1. Remind me what something old, something new is about. It sounds really familiar, but I can’t remember what it is.😕

  10. @Nighthawk
    How are you? My fav flower is Hydrangeas. I don’t really have “a” favorite food, I like almost everything that doesn’t have mushrooms, pickles, or onions. My fav singers are Tauren Wells, Phil Wickam, NF, Tobymac, All Creatures, Newsboys, Ryan Stevenson, Aaron Cole, and For King & Country.

    1. My favorite flower is Hydrangeas too. But I like food that have mushrooms, pickles, or onions in them.I love For King & Country and Newsboys do you like Matthew West?

  11. TBC
    I named all my fav animals on the last podcast( it’s very long and I don’t have room to write all of them). If you don’t have time to read it, I’ll name 4: lions, dogs, horses, and dolphins.Just summary of my book: It’s a book about a girl who helps an agency save a lot of Americans and who tries to bring her broken family back together.😃😍💜

    1. Do you like writing?? I love writing books! I’m currently working on a mystery about a teen girl trying to find a her friends missing aunt. I haven’t figured out all the details yet. It’s hard to write a mystery. I might turn the book, into part of a series.
      BTW, my name is Esther, I’m a tween, and I LOVE dogs.😄💖

      1. Cool!!! I 💜 writing!!!
        BTW, my name is Abigail, I’m a teen, and I 💜lions.💜😎😃😍

      2. Esther are you new at commenting I love dogs as well. I also enjoy writing but I have not actually wrote a book I have started a few books but not get them finished. I do it sometimes in my free time but mostly I just read. I do more like pen pale stuff. I have 5 pen pals. One of my pen pals is named Esther too. ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      3. My name is Hadassah, which in the Bible was Esther‘s real name! Also, I am a tween, and I love dogs! I also like creative writing, although I have not done a lot of it, and not in a long time. Definitely have it I need to get back into! I often write poetry though. I will share a poem of mine at the bottom. It is one of my funnier ones!

        1. wow I know someone else who’s also named Hadassah!! That’s so funny because it’s such a rare name!

          1. Yes that is amazing! I actually danced with someone whose name was Hadassah, and we both went by the same nickname! Haddie. I think she spelled her nickname differently than I did, but I don’t remember how.

    2. Hi! Your book sounds like something I’d enjoy reading. Sorry this is late, I’ve been pretty busy. I saw your one comment and I think we are allowed to say if we are a kid or teen, but I don’t know for sure. GTG

  12. Hello everyone! Hope that you are having a great week. Love listening to AIO episodes…thanks to the team and staff for all of their work.

    Trust in the Lord with ALL of your heart!

    1. I do as well, but more than a southern accent, I like a British one. I live in Georgia, but I do not have a southern accent and my parents were from Indiana, and Washington state.

  13. Esther are you new at commenting I love dogs as well. I also enjoy writing but I have not actually wrote a book I have started a few books but not get them finished. I do it sometimes in my free time but mostly I just read. I do more like pen pale stuff. I have 5 pen pals. One of my pen pals is named Esther too. ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. What is everyone’s dream house? Mine would have like 5 or 6 bedrooms because I want to have a lot of kids like 8 to 12. It would have a pond, 100 acres, lots of animals, basically a big farm with lots of animals and kids. Also for the house I want it to have a full basement 2 or 3 stories, 2 kitchens, a large living room, and kitchen.What about U!

  15. My last comment was at the max of words but I wanted to ask how many siblings does everyone(have if that is allowed). I have 8. So that maybe explains my last idea for house.

      1. I have nine sibling!!! No twins, but one is adopted. I am the second oldest. I also have one nephew which is a really cool thing in a big family.

    1. That’s amazing! I have three younger brothers, and my mom is pregnant with a baby sister! I have prayed so long for a sister!

    2. I have four siblings one sister three brothers my brothers are crazy sometimes and wild

    1. I just started! It is a little bit of an easy reader for me, but it seems like a good series! 🙂

  16. My dream house would be three stories tall with like eight bedrooms and a lot of land
    I would want dogs sheep goats and HORSES! A huge horse barn and a pool a golf course
    And a giant playhouse with a swing set and trampoline and an indoor pool!😍😍😍

  17. Oh and a large room for homeschool and Bible studies an orchard .And a diving board
    and water slide for the pool! I know it’s a lot but that’s my dream home .

    1. That sounds amazing! I don’t really have a dream house, but I know I want lots of land, and animals. What animals do you have?

  18. Once I saw a hamburger, he looked good from a far, but when I saw him closer I said “yuck, whatever you are!“ I am a vegetarian, the hamburger said with a grin, and I’ve never seen a hamburger like him again!
    That is a piece of poetry that I wrote and I have it memorized!

    1. Awesome great job and poem. So happy for your sister when is it due. I am a girl too and I have 7 brothers and 1 sister out of my siblings I waited 10 years for my sister. So I totally understand how you feel.

      1. Wow!The baby is due in December, and I have a performance taking place on the due date weekend!

      2. Thanks😊 here is another poem: fairy places, fairy things, fairy woods with a wild bee wings. Tiny treats for tiny dames, these must all be fairy games. Tiny horses, tiny geese, tiny lambs that give their fleece. Fairy farm yards, fairy games, now I wonder about fairy dreams.
        Let me know which one you like better :-).

  19. Hey what is everybodys favorite color mine is coral blue and gray

    1. Mine is all kinds of shades of blue ocean blue icy Blue and lots more, turquoise, green, gray what does coral blue look like

  20. Does anyone know what fostering and adopting is? If you dont just say and I will explain another time.But my family fosters and adopts and I may post about that in the future. Right now we dont have any placement. Does anyone else foster or adopt or know someone who does.

    1. YAy i am kinda allover the place in my comments sorry if conusing i try to not send it all in one for that purpose.

    1. I didnt vote either dont really know why i did not though cause i knew about it but just didnt

  21. Has anybody read number the stars by Luis Laurie? Also if anyone has read the hiding place, let me know! It is a little bit heavy for some readers, but it is really good!

    1. I have read the hiding place and yes i would totally agree it could be heavy forsome readers. But i thought it was still good. Have you ever read anne franks diary?

      1. I have not, but I would like to sometime! I have listened to a book about her though, which was really interesting!

  22. Hello everyone! How are you all? Thanks to all of our AIO team and staff and moderators for their effort!
    Have a great weekend!

  23. I am taking a break. I hope to be back soon and I will answer all my questions then.

  24. Blue eggs,Green eggs, white eggs, brown eggs. Clean eggs, dirty eggs, spotted eggs, ugly eggs. Tiny eggs, huge eggs, double yolk, rotten. Warm eggs, frozen eggs, scrambled, fried, we’ve got them. Circle eggs, oval eggs,squ… well maybe not square eggs, but we’ve got a mess of eggs!

  25. If you have poetry, please share!
    Sauris bites at your tongue, and sweetness pets your teeth, and ask for the green stuff called spinach, it’s inedible I think!

  26. Barefoot walking through the field, I spy clover and chamomile. Unwanted thistle, and dandelion we’ve got, and also garlic to put in the pot. As I whistle for my dog to draw near, I pretend that I am a pioneer.

    1. This is my favorite colors! Because I also like all blues and red, and I only put those, those are literally my favorite colors!

    1. In between the episode and the commenting, there is a link, would you click on, and then vote! It is really easy, and one of the questions, no two of the questions caught me off guard, which were what did you like about album 70, and what did you not like about album 70. What I did not like about album 70, was that it stopped!

  27. Would you rather have 2 six episode albums in a year, or 1 twelve episode album in a year?
    Reply with 💽 For 2 6 episode albums and 💿 for 1 12 episode album.

    1. It depends on if it is a long 12 part saga, in which case I would go with that, but I also if it is not a saga or something, would really enjoy 2 6 part albums

    1. Yes, I was confused if you are a teen, and that is just your user name, or if you were an adult, and truly no longer a teen.

  28. I’m going to stop commenting. Thanks for being so kind to me, God bless y’all.

    @Danger’sDaughter, thanks so much for being my friend, you are amazing!!!
    I might come back, but that’s doubtful. Love y’all! 💜

  29. @oddyssey fan I am sooo sorry that I like wasn’t answering your comments!😔😔😔
    I’m just so busy but I’ll try to answer more in the future . So don’t think I was ignoring you
    Cause I wasn’t

  30. My favorite characters are Nelson Swanson and Suzu Rydell. Did April Hong win? Also, here’s a question for Focus on the family. If you can, could you make a episode with Nelson and Suzu in it? If you do, AIO will be my favorite show ever. Also, First??

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