VIDEO PODCAST: Take a tour of the new Club!

Robert Smithouser shows young Jesse many swell features of the new Club experience, including Playlists, Characters, Badges, enhanced audio quality, and Whit’s latest invention: the Randomizer!

July 29, 2020: Avery Awards: Team Edition — Best Line of Dialogue

Avery Awards

The Odyssey team shares their favorite lines from the history of the show. Plus: The official cover reveal for “Album 70: Finding a Way” Vote in the Avery Awards! Voting for the Averys has closed. Tune in to the podcast in September to hear the results for all the awards, including: Best Actress Best Investigative […]

March 11, 2020: VIDEO PODCAST: Celebration time! Witness Jesse’s first-ever speaking part on Adventures in Odyssey! Plus, AIO wins NRB’s “Radio Program of the Year,” and new secrets about the upcoming Album 69!

NRB Award

Host Bob Smithouser has appeared in a number of Adventures in Odyssey episodes. But Jesse has never had a speaking part on the show…until now! Jesse’s grand debut is featured in Album 68. We had to document such a monumental event. Plus: A lightning round Q & A about the upcoming Album 69! Contact Us at […]

Sept. 11, 2019: VIDEO PODCAST: “Expect the Unexpected” and “Trial by Fire” Avery Awards

Avery Awards

Welcome the new and improved, super hip, super relatable, ultra rad, lit, on fleek, Dab, EPIIIIIIIC Avery Awards! We’ve got mail! And it’s the results from your votes on the Avery Awards for Odyssey Album 65: “Expect the Unexpected” and Album 66: “Trial by Fire!!!” And this year, we’ve taken it to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL! We’ve ditched the old style Avery Awards, and we’re doing this one like the kids do it!

November 7, 2018: Writer Marshal Younger and his three-year-old daughter’s breakfast battle inspires a Parker family adventure. (Plus: A story of how God is using Odyssey!)

Many years ago, Marshal Younger’s three-year-old daughter decided she wasn’t going to eat her breakfast. This set off a multi-hour standoff between father and daughter that later inspired the Odyssey episode “The Sandwich Initiative.” Witness the battle of wills as well as an incredible story from one of our listeners.