Family Time

Adventures in Odyssey Family Time

We know that a lot of you are going through a trying time right now and we’re here to help! During the month of April(and into early May), we launched a series of special events when you might’ve had a little more time at home than usual.

Family Time came to an end on May 6, but you can still watch the videos below. Thanks for tuning in!

Watch the Announcement:

Family Time Events:

April 1: The Rydell Saga Preview

Hear a special preview of the still-in-production early scenes of “The Rydell Revelations, Part 1.” These episodes release on the Club, download, CD, and radio later this year.

April 3: Q & A with the Adventures in Odyssey Team: Christopher Diehl 

Sound designer Christopher Diehl answers questions from you! Want to know about recording, sound design, or, well, anything about the behind the scenes story of Odyssey? Watch to see Christopher give the answers!

April 6: A Note about the Notes with Jared Depasquale

Adventures in Odyssey composer Jared Depasquale takes us into his music studio to show us how he created the music for the epic adventure “Unsinkable.”

April 8: A Flashback to Connie’s Conversion

A flashback to 1988 with Katie Leigh, voice of Connie.

April 9: Around the Writer’s Block with Marshal Younger

Six ways to defeat writer’s block from long time Odyssey writer Marshal Younger.

April 13: Mixing it Up with Sound Designer Nathan Jones

Nate shares all the elements that go into mixing a scene from the upcoming Club adventure “The Martyr and the Rooster.”

April 15: Wrapping it Up with Host Chris Anthony Lansdowne 

Chris offers words of encouragement and answers a few questions from kids.

April 20: Facing the Music with Composer Aaron Fullan

Aaron Fullan shares how he started with Adventures in Odyssey and how he used classic musical themes from “Recollections” and “The Mortal Coil” as inspiration for his score for “Always Home.”

April 22: Avery Awards: Team Edition — Best Scene

It’s another round of the Avery Awards, but this time, the Odyssey team gives their favorite scenes from the history of the show.

April 24: Around the World with Jason Whittaker 

Hear some Q & As with Townsend Coleman, voice of Jason.

April 27: My First Script with Abigail Geiger

Odyssey’s new writers’ apprentice talks about the experience (and expectations) of writing her first script for the show.

April 29: Studio Tour with Christopher Diehl 

Sound designer Christopher Diehl takes you through the secret hallways of Focus on the Family to show you where Adventures in Odyssey is being created right now!

May 1: Q & A with the Odyssey Team: Phil Lollar 

Writer/director Phil Lollar answers questions from you! Watch live to see Phil give the answers! 

May 6: Avery Awards: Team Edition — Best Moment in the Studio 

The Odyssey team gives their favorite moments that happened in the studio.