Episode Theme: Friendship

Album 13 It All Started When

A Question of Loyalty

Lucy befriends a shy, would-be writer from her school named Emily, who starts writing for The Odyssey Owl.

Album 00 The Lost Albums

Isaac the True Friend

Isaac wonders what it would be like to have a best friend, so Whit uses the Imagination Station to help him witness one of the greatest friendships in history.

Album 07 On Thin Ice

Isaac the Insecure

Young Isaac Morton doubts himself when he is assigned to do a report with the much more popular Jack Davis.

Album 04 Fun Damentals

Bad Company

Connie attends a Bible study with a questionable leader, while Donna hangs out with a girl who may not be honest.

Album 03 Heroes

The Sacred Trust

Lucy Cunningham and her friend Heather have promised to keep everything they tell each other a secret. But this arrangement gets Lucy in trouble when she has to decide if she should keep the secret.

Album 03 Heroes

Back to School

When middle school starts in Odyssey, a girl named Leslie has to adjust to changes in friends … and friends who change.

Album Cover For The Adventure Begins

The Life of the Party

Craig Moorhead’s middle school friends like having him around because he makes them laugh. But then Craig faces a problem that isn’t funny at all, and his friends aren’t so friendly anymore.