Episode Theme: Friendship

Album Cover For The Big Picture

Slumber Party

Mandy has a difficult time keeping control of the girls at her slumber party.

Album Cover For Days to Remember

A Lesson From Mike

Julie is surprised by her feelings when a student she barely knows dies a tragic death.

Album 27 The Search For Whit

Blessings in Disguise

Brenda Perry’s pen pal, Thor Douglas, comes to visit, and Brenda is panicked because she has to live up to all the exaggerations she’s written.

Album 23 Twists And Turns

The Truth About Zachary

Lucy Cunningham-Schultz tries to write a news article about Zachary Sellers and find out why he’s in a wheelchair.

Album Cover For Wish You Were Here

The Fundamentals

Jimmy Barclay attends basketball camp with Phil McFarland, a teen who thinks he knows everything there is to know about the game.

Album Cover For Wish You Were Here

Third Degree

In Colorado, Eugene meets a group of people who are just like him. Bernard is not so fortunate; he fights a traffic ticket in court.

Album Cover For Wish You Were Here

First-Hand Experience

Eugene decides to take a journey away from Odyssey to broaden his horizons and gain new experience … only to find that the road to adventure intersects with Bernard’s trip to San Diego.

Album 15 A Place Of Wonder

Flash Flood

Whit, Tom, Bernard and Eugene head for the hills to do some camping, and find themselves in the midst of a deluge.