Episode Theme: Family Togetherness

Album 64 Under The Surface

Out of the Picture

Wooton and Penny find a digital camera at the bottom of Trickle Lake and determine to find its owner. However, the camera’s owner may have a strange connection to Wooton himself. Meanwhile, Buck laments his lack of family connections so Eugene takes him on a road trip to find more about his history.

Album 59 Taking The Plunge

A Big Commitment

Eugene’s search for the cyber-thieves at Odyssey Bank turns toward some familiar foes, Connie wonders what will happen to her friendships as circumstances change, and Wooton finally learns what brought Penny to Odyssey.

Album Cover For Take It From the Top

Grandma’s Visit

The Parker family is in for a bumpy ride. It all starts when their grandmother comes to tell them that their Aunt Rosalita has decided to elope next week – in Odyssey, at their house!

Album Cover For Into the Light

The Family Next Door

With her mom busy and her dad no longer at home, Mandy looks to the Washingtons for emotional support.

Album 46 A Date With Dad And Other Calamaties

Three O’Clock Call

Mysterious phone calls cause Grady to believe his estranged father is trying to contact him.

Album Cover For Lost & Found


Aubrey Shepard prepares to leave home for college, but her little sister, Bethany, doesn’t want her to go.

Album Cover For Out of Control

The Mystery at Tin Flat

The Washington family wins an all-expenses-paid vacation to nearby Tin Flat. But when they show up, the town is deserted.

Album Cover For Out of Control

Bassett Hounds

Bernard Walton accompanies Wooton Bassett to Alaska for an unusual family reunion.

Album Cover For Out of Control

Room Enough for Two

Liz Horton is excited to see her older brother, Mark, come home, until Mark makes a surprise announcement–he’s engaged.

Album 39 Friends Family And Countrymen

Relatively Annoying

Spending a week at his grandparents’ house seems like the end of the world to Alex Jefferson.