Episode Theme: Obligation

Album Cover For Virtual Realities

The Treasure Room and Chain Reaction

Aubrey and Lisa are determined to find out what Whit keeps in a new secret room at Whit’s End. David Straussberg puts off mowing Bernard Walton’s lawn, but the consequences of his action are enormous.

Album 29 Signed Sealed And Committed

Chores No More

The kids in Odyssey think they have too much work to do at home, so they organize the first annual chores strike.

Album 26 Back On The Air

Easy Money

To buy new hockey equipment, Sam Johnson and Butch need money. Sam gets a job and nearly works himself to death while Butch resorts to gambling.

Album 23 Twists And Turns

A Victim of Circumstance

When Rodney steps through a skylight at Whit’s End and breaks his leg, the Rathbones take Jason Whittaker to court.

Album 11 Its Another Fine Day

A Rathbone of Contention

Bart Rathbone is constructing a new electronics warehouse in Odyssey, and he takes nothing but shortcuts to finish it for the inspector.

Album 11 Its Another Fine Day

Mayor for a Day

Curt wins a contest to become the city’s most powerful official for 24 hours.

Album 11 Its Another Fine Day


Lucy Cunningham-Schultz decides to write an investigative journalism article about the shampoo from the Calvin Bloom Company.

Album 08 Beyond Expectations

All’s Well With Boswell

When Robyn gets her first real babysitting job, it turns out to be more of an adventure than she could ever imagine!

Album 07 On Thin Ice

Front Page News

Middle schooler Curt Stevens ropes Oscar into a scheme to get out of gym class by joining the school newspaper. Their first assignment? Interview the gym teacher!

Album 05 Daring Deeds Sinister Schemes

Eugene’s Dilemma

Eugene starts working at the college computer department with 11-year-old Nicholas Adamsworth and gets caught up in a grade-changing scheme.

Album 00 The Lost Albums

Auld Lang Syne

Whit and his friend Tom Riley look back at their adventures over the last year.