Episode Theme: Thanksgiving

Album 52 Cause And Effect

A Thankstaking Story

On a snowy Thanksgiving Day, Whit, Connie, Eugene and a few of their friends end up stuck at Whit’s End. To pass the time, they tell a zany story of the Scrunch and his plan for “Thankstaking.”

Album Cover For The Best Small Town

License to Deprive

For a historical exhibit, the Washington family must live as people on the frontier did.

Album 32 Hidden Treasures

In All Things Give Thanks

Hector, the newest member of the Mulligan clan, wonders what it means to be thankful when he’s lived a hard life.

Album Cover For Days to Remember

B-TV: Thanks

B-TV explores Thanksgiving with stories about 10 lepers, a king named David, and Harlow the stonecutter.

Album 12 At Home And Abroad

A Thanksgiving Carol

Whit and the gang use Kids’ Radio to tell Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol with an unusual twist.

Album 07 On Thin Ice

Thanksgiving at Home

The Barclay family’s Thanksgiving holiday takes an unexpected turn when the flu hits their home, and Donna and Jimmy decide to fix dinner all by themselves.

Album 03 Heroes

Thank You, God

At Thanksgiving dinner, Whit tells the story of how his stepmother changed his life.