Episode Theme: History

Album 18 A Time Of Discovery

Hymn Writers

Kids’ Radio tells the inspiring stories behind popular hymns written by Christian greats Martin Luther, Philip Bliss and Fanny Crosby.

Album Cover For Flights of Imagination

Columbus: The Grand Voyage

Lawrence Hodges joins Christopher Columbus for his incredible trip across the seas by way of the Imagination Station.

Album 14 Meanwhile In Another Part Of Town

The Midnight Ride

Whit tells the story of Paul Revere, his famous ride, and the “shot heard ’round the world.”

Album 12 At Home And Abroad

East Winds, Raining

Connie’s uncle, Joe Finneman, remembers the December 7, 1941, attack on Pearl Harbor and a hero who tried to stop it

Album 07 On Thin Ice

Lincoln, Part 2 of 2

Jimmy Barclay takes an Imagination Station adventure to see President Lincoln and the end of the Civil War.