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Episode Theme: Faith

The Blackgaard Chronicles

Hard Losses

A new scandal erupts when Tom Riley is accused of unethical campaign practices.

The Blackgaard Chronicles

Moving Targets

Jason and Jack clash about how to handle the growing crisis around Odyssey, leading to Jack’s resignation from Whit’s End. Meanwhile, Philip Glossman and Professor Bovril show up to investigate the tunnel under Whit’s End.

Bible Eyewitness Hall of Fame

By Faith, Noah

Whit tells Jack Davis and Lucy Cunningham a humorous version of the story of Noah.

The Blackgaard Chronicles


The Israelites clean up the Bones of Rath hideout, Lucy Cunningham-Schultz is kidnapped and pressed for information by Jellyfish, and Glossman finally succeeds in shutting down Whit’s End.

Novacom Saga

Exactly As Planned

Whit and Alex Jefferson work to prove Tom’s innocence, and Jason learns that Novacom’s final scheme is about to be set in motion.

Novacom Saga

Exceptional Circumstances

Connie passes the kids’ Novabox information to Mitch, while Jason discovers that Monica Stone has a personal connection to the Novacom scheme.

Novacom Saga


Whit, Tom, and Jason race to stop Novacom’s launch date, but Mr. Charles has a way to stop them.

Novacom Saga

Expect the Worst

Using Connie’s information, Mitch makes a critical connection in proving what Novacom is doing, but the situation changes when the tower on Tom Riley’s property blows up.