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Episode Theme: Faith

Album 02 The Wildest Summer Ever

V.B.S. Blues

Young troublemaker “Mugsy” Mumford crashes counselor Ned Lewis’ vacation Bible school production of The Fiery Furnace.

Album 02 The Wildest Summer Ever

Stormy Weather

Connie is frustrated with life in Odyssey and wants to move back to California. When a violent storm hits the town, she finds out she appreciates more in Odyssey than she ever realized.

Album 06 Accomplished

The Price of Freedom

A teacher maligns 10-year-old Kirk McGinty’s war hero father and the war he fought in. Kirk’s mother and Whit and step in to set them both straight.

Album Cover For The Adventure Begins

A Change of Hart

Freddie Hart is constantly teased by his middle school classmates. But when he switches schools, he finds that his troubles follow him.

Album Cover For The Adventure Begins


Whit’s best friend, Tom Riley, tells Connie the story of how Whit’s End was created amid tragic circumstances.