Episode Theme: Gods Gifts

Album 65 Expect The Unexpected

Not What I Expected

When the kids in Odyssey are assigned internships around town, Zoe ends up at a funeral home (with Jay Smouse!) and Emily works at a law firm. Both find their experiences to be far different than they expected. Meanwhile, Jillian looks for ways to sell her jewelry in Odyssey.

Album Cover For Head Over Heels

Words From the Wise

Wooton travels to Pittsburgh with his new fiancée Penny to meet her family. While there, Wooton discovers that his future in-laws have serious concerns about the upcoming wedding.

Album 43 Along For The Ride

Potential Possibilities

When Trent is put in the gifted class at school, he wonders if he’ll survive his first week. Meanwhile, Aubrey Shepard learns that she has a real talent with horses.

Album 36 Danger Signals Novacom Saga 2

Welcoming Wooton

When Wooton Bassett takes time out of his postal route to help at Whit’s End, he gets fired for missing too much work.