Episode Theme: Emotions

Album 10 Other Times Other Places

Emotional Baggage

Connie starts behaving strangely when she learns her aunt is coming for a visit. When Whit asks why, Connie reveals that she’s harboring resentment against her aunt.

Album 10 Other Times Other Places

Melanie’s Diary

Robyn Jacobs blabs details about her little sister’s diary, so Melanie comes up with a way of revenge.

Album 08 Beyond Expectations

The Winning Edge

It’s the Coyotes vs. the Stingrays for the Odyssey Softball League Championship – only some of the players may be taking the game a bit too seriously.

Album 08 Beyond Expectations

Curious, Isn’t It?

Friends Ben and Esther overhear a conversation and come to believe that Mr. Whittaker is getting married.

Album 08 Beyond Expectations

First Love

Connie falls in love for the first time with a guy named Jeff Lewis, who turns out to be a non-Christian.

Album 07 On Thin Ice

Isaac the Courageous

Isaac Morton is determined to join teenage bully Rodney Rathbone’s gang – the Bones of Rath – to prove his courage.

Album 06 Accomplished

The Treasure of LeMonde!

Robyn and Connie find a hidden attic at Whit’s End and stumble upon a forgotten mystery involving an old pipe organ, a greedy professor and “the greatest treasure.”

Album 07 On Thin Ice

The Reluctant Rival

An orchestra leader discovers Jenny’s exceptional musical ability, which leads to Jenny’s rivalry with another musician.

Album 05 Daring Deeds Sinister Schemes

An Encounter with Mrs. Hooper

On a trip to a nursing home, Donna Barclay meets the stubborn and cantankerous Mary Hooper and learns a lesson about compassion.

Album 04 Fun Damentals

The Greatest of These

The trouble starts when Robyn is paired with a slow learner named Oscar for the middle school science fair, but the trouble peaks when their model volcano malfunctions.