Episode Theme: Emotions

Album 55 The Deep End

Sergeant York, Part 1 of 4

Eugene Meltsner and Red Hollard tell the story of Sergeant Alvin York, a troublemaker from rural Tennessee who became a World War I hero.

Album 55 The Deep End

Mistaken for Good

Jay’s visit to a nursing home takes an unexpected turn when an old woman mistakes him for her grandson — and offers him money as a birthday present.

Album 55 The Deep End

To Mend or Repair

To distract her from some devastating personal news, Eugene tries to find a way to keep Katrina busy all the time. Meanwhile, Barrett Jones gives Priscilla Peterson a special honor — reading the pledge of allegiance on the morning announcements.

Album 54 Clanging Cymbals

Childish Things

Before a gallery exhibit of her work, Penny tries a variety of methods to decide whom she can trust in life.

Album 54 Clanging Cymbals

Unbecoming Jay

Jay schemes a way to ditch his cousin Cindy by leaving her with Barrett, but Priscilla grows jealous of the new friendship.

Adventures In Odyssey Fan Favorites

How to Sink a Sub

When Katrina becomes their substitute teacher, Jay and Valerie rouse the class to revolt, even persuading Olivia to help with a plan to get Katrina fired.

Album 54 Clanging Cymbals

Never for Nothing

Grandma Lucia recounts to Olivia her story of a childhood friend, an event that taught her that love is “never for nothing.”

Album 54 Clanging Cymbals

A Penny Earned

Penny Wise searches for her future in a job and as Connie Kendall’s roommate.

Album 54 Clanging Cymbals

Anger Mismanagement

Frustration abounds as David suggests Grandma Lucia try a test run of her salon business in his living room, and Olivia discovers Valarie stealing the media spotlight for a big parade.

Album 54 Clanging Cymbals

The Amazing Loser

When Whit’s End sponsors a band camp, Matthew, Jay, and Barrett compete in a musical scavenger hunt.

Album 54 Clanging Cymbals

A Penny Saved

Penny Wise deals with the aftermath of her role in the Green Ring Conspiracy and plans for the future.