Episode Theme: Transition

Album 62 Lets Put On A Show

Legacy, Part 1

Whit, Connie, and Eugene deal with the loss of an old friend and the appearance of a long-forgotten relative. Meanwhile, Buck and Jules meet a traveling group of singers in need of another member.

Album 27 The Search For Whit

Letting Go

Zachary Sellers has a hard time adjusting when his mother starts dating again.

Album Cover For Wish You Were Here

. . . But Not Forgotten

Tom Riley, Connie, and Eugene find that running Whit’s End takes more time than they thought. Tom asks an old friend of Whit’s, Jack Allen, to help out.

Album Cover For Wish You Were Here

Gone . . .

Bernard and Eugene return from their long road trip to Odyssey, where things always stay the same. Or so they think.