Episode Theme: Perserverance

Album 46 A Date With Dad And Other Calamaties

Around the Block

Eugene tries to help Connie overcome writer’s block using a variety of methods.

Album 36 Danger Signals Novacom Saga 2

Snow Day

When school is cancelled due to snow, Alex Jefferson accepts a job to deliver cookies to his grandmother. On the way, he must endure many trials and tribulations.

Album 07 On Thin Ice

Scattered Seeds

Connie deals with nothing but trouble when she tries to direct a church play called “Scattered Seeds.”

Album 02 The Wildest Summer Ever

Kids’ Radio

Mr. Whittaker and the gang start a radio station in a back room of Whit’s End. Of course, the station is run by kids, for kids!

Album Cover For The Adventure Begins

Whit’s Flop

Davey Holcomb, a young boy with a reputation for making mistakes, learns there’s a positive side to failure.