Episode Theme: Honesty

Album 13 It All Started When

No, Honestly!

No one believes Rodney Rathbone when he claims he’s discovered a con artist in Odyssey.

Album 06 Accomplished

But, You Promised

Robyn leaves her bike unlocked at the mall, and it is stolen. She lies to her parents about her carelessness to keep from getting into trouble.

Album 06 Accomplished

Good Business

Robyn Jacobs thinks she can earn money the “easy” way by starting her own business, but she soon learns it’s not so easy after all.

Album 00 The Lost Albums

It Sure Seems Like It to Me

A girl with a reputation for exaggeration learns an important lesson when she tries to tell the truth about an outrageous situation. It’s a hilarious – and thoughtful – look at the hazards of lying.

Camp On It

The Tangled Web

Connie reads the story of Jeremy Forsythe, a boy who tells his mother a fib about some missing money. Both Jeremy and Connie learn that one lie leads to another.