Episode Theme: Golden Rule

Album 67 More Than Meets The Eye

Rightly Dividing

Pastor Knox becomes concerned about Camilla’s fiery prayer for her soccer team’s victory and Declan consults Lou for advice on dealing with a bully at school.

Album 57 A Call To Something More

Big Trouble Under the Big Top

Emily and Matthew stumble into a mystery at the circus involving sabotage from the inside. Who’s behind it? Is it Esteban the knife-thrower? Zara the aerialist? Only careful investigation will reveal the culprit!

Album 57 A Call To Something More

The Friend Formula

Riley is new to town and hoping to find some new friends. For advice, he turns to an unlikely (and unreliable) source – Jay Smouse!

Album 46 A Date With Dad And Other Calamaties

A Cheater Cheated

Bart Rathbone seeks out Whit’s business advice after deciding he wants to make the Electric Palace a “respectable establishment.”

Album 00 The Lost Albums

Isaac the Benevolent

Isaac Morton tries to put the command to do unto others into action – and ends up causing far more harm than good!