Episode Theme: Deception

Album 53 The Green Ring Conspiracy

The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 2 of 12

Whit discovers that his visitor has a secret job that seems to be related to the backpack of money that Emily found. Matthew and Nelson get a surprise call from people with an interest in the Appleberry phone.

Album 43 Along For The Ride

Sounds Like a Mystery

Odyssey is abuzz when a national treasure–a scale model of the Statue of Liberty–comes to town . . . and promptly gets stolen!

Album 24 Risks And Rewards

Rewards in Full

Jack Allen and Erica Clark both come up with ideas that help the community; however, neither of them gets credit for it.

Album 08 Beyond Expectations

By Any Other Name

Curt Stevens runs for student council and makes Lucy his campaign manager. Trouble starts when he makes all sorts of impossible promises in order to get votes.