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Album Cover For Eugene Returns!

Lost by a Nose

Liz Horton wants to expose the Little Miss Odyssey beauty pageant as a sham. One problem: She must enter the contest to bring it down.

Album 34 In Your Wildest Dreams

What Do You Think? & Idol Minds

The Room of Consequence allows Liz Horton to hear what other people are thinking. When Whit leaves town for a while, Eugene creates a Whit robot to keep the kids happy.

Album Cover For Out of Control

Album 40: Out of Control

Stand by for chaos! Connie and the gang think they’re doing another a safe, scripted B:TV program. But that’s before the fire, the okra incident and the renegade nose. Meanwhile, Liz’s brother Mark just got engaged. How’s she supposed to fit in now that she’s second fiddle? Missing families, missing identities and missing the point all figure prominently in the 40th installment of Adventures in Odyssey.

Album 48 Moment Of Truth

Hear Me, Hear Me

On the day of the Whit’s End science fair, Eugene and Connie stage a contest to see which one is the better listener. Back in the Little Theater, Liz Horton gets frustrated when Trent won’t listen to her instructions.

Album 46 A Date With Dad And Other Calamaties

Now More Than Ever

Liz Horton is determined to find out why the usually cheery Mandy Straussberg seems depressed.

Album 42 No Way Out

Split Ends

Mandy and Liz are approached by professional agents and find that they will be competing against each other in a modeling contest.

Album 43 Along For The Ride

True Calling

Liz Horton tries to persuade Irving and Solly, two men from a local nursing home, to come out of retirement to perform a magic act.