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Dec. 12, 2007: Hi, This is Chris — Interview with actress Chris Anthony!

Chris Anthony has been on every episode of ‘Adventures in Odyssey’… now hear from her how Odyssey has changed over the years, what her family thinks when they hear her on the radio, and what her favorite episode is! Also, new letters from fans and word of the ‘Adventures in Odyssey’ DVD Game — available by calling 1-800-A-FAMILY or by visiting

August 14, 2019: The very first Christmas episode: “Gifts for Madge and Guy” is getting a sequel. Hear from the returning cast members!

The title cast members for “Gifts for Madge and Guy” (Will Ryan, voice of Eugene and Guy, and Chris Anthony Lansdowne, our host and the voice of Madge) stop by for a hold-onto-your-hats chat. The original episode aired in 1987, and more than thirty years later, “Part 2” is available in the Club now. Plus, Dave Arnold gives the inside scoop on the Odyssey Character Survey.

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Fine Mine Shrine

Are you ready to pan for gold? It’s just one of the fun activities at a Colorado mining museum rich with history, vintage machines and nuggets of knowledge. Meanwhile, Chris pays a visit to our Foley studio to talk about the exciting return of Madge and Guy!

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The Castle Adventure

Join Chris Anthony, Evan, Nathan, and Brock as they tour the Glen Eyrie Castle and have a little fun along the way.