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Ever Wonder How Adventures in Odyssey Got Started? Check Out Our Timeline to See the Rich History of Our 50 Year Audio Series.

AIO 25th Birthday Live Show

AIO 25th Birthday Live Show

To celebrate Adventures in Odyssey’s 25th birthday, thousands of fans from 43 states met in Dallas, Texas, June 16, 2012. They experienced the live, world premiere of “Push the Red Button” (#726). This is your chance to watch the extended version of that wild episode, featuring your favorite actors onstage, audience reaction, live sound effects, projected imagery, plus all the goofs and ad libs that made this performance one for the ages.

AIO 30th Birthday Live Show (2017)

AIO 30th Birthday Live Show

On Nov. 15, 2017, a capacity crowd filled the largest theater aboard the Disney Dream to celebrate Adventures in Odyssey’s 30th birthday. It was quite a stage show brimming with skits, music, laughs-even sound effects performed right before your eyes. Now you can enjoy every minute of that live celebration here in the Club. Set sail with your favorite voice actors, Odyssey crew, and a few surprise guests for all of the fun we could fit onboard and still stay afloat. (All-you-can-eat buffet not included.)

Adventures In Odyssey Fan Favorites

Fan Favorites

Your votes are in and your favorites are counted! This 30th birthday collection features 24 of the most-loved Adventures in Odyssey audio dramas of all time. Enjoy the best stories from the past three decades, all on one album!

Album Cover For Into the Light

Album 47: Into the Light

Eugene’s long-awaited reunion with his father fizzles when a ruthless archeologist shows up—and Leonard Meltsner disappears again! Meanwhile, Mandy schemes to get her parents back and Connie goes undercover (as a clown!) at Odyssey’s annual carnival. From a birthday party that turns disastrous to amazing Bible stories, Adventures in Odyssey’s Into the Light entertains the whole family with memorable characters and values that matter!