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Second Thoughts

Eugene and Bernard’s cross-country journey gets waylaid in the middle of Iowa. There Bernard and Eugene meet Graham, a kid who desperately wants to leave his small-town life.

AIO Bible

Adventures in Odyssey Bible We are excited about the new NIrV® Adventures in Odyssey Bible! Learn more about the Bible below and check out some

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Watching Paint Dry

Sounds like fun, huh? Don’t worry, you’ll see our young artists brush it onto the canvas first — and even pick up a few painting tips along the way! Then hear from a gifted art student, as well as an entertainment expert who knows how to take thoughts captive.

Album 54 Clanging Cymbals

You’re Two Kind

Ryan decides to partner with Brad for a school project, but has second thoughts when he overhears Brad making fun of him. Meanwhile, Connie gives Eugene a series of bejeweled gifts and he struggles to tell her the truth–he hates them.


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